Contact Your ICE Public Advocate Field Liaison | CLINIC

Contact Your ICE Public Advocate Field Liaison

As a reminder, ICE’s Office of the Public Advocate has 24 Field Liaisons who can respond to questions about ICE policies and procedures. 

In your correspondence to the field liaison, please always provide:

  • The topic of your problem/concern (such as: medical, condition of detention, issue regarding parole/release, etc.);
  • A brief description of the complaint or concern;
  • Your contact information;
  • All relevant information about individuals involved, including full names, A numbers and if relevant, the name of the detention facility in which an individual is detained;
  • A brief history of your previous contact with the local ICE office to resolve your concern (whenever possible, please provide the time(s), date(s), and the name(s) of the ICE representative(s) contacted); and
  • A clear statement on the action requested.

Note: In order for ERO to share any information regarding another individual, you must provide a signed privacy waiver or G-28.