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This toolkit is intended to facilitate the process of designing and/or improving the case management system in your immigration program.  In a legal immigration context, a case management system consists of a policies and procedures manual; a database system; case management forms; and files used by legal representatives in a standardized manner for the purposes of delivering professional services and avoiding errors that can result in malpractice and liability.  For organizations providing Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) immigration services, there are additional considerations when designing your case management system noted throughout the toolkit. 


Having a well-designed case management system is essential to running a responsible legal immigration program.  It helps to ensure uniformity, consistency, and work quality and helps managers more easily supervise a program.  For new immigration programs, it is wise to establish a standardized case management system in the early stages of program development, even before services are provided.  For established programs it is wise to revisit and revise your current case management policies and procedures to standardize them. 

Thinking About Case Management

Case Management Policies and Procedures Manual

Case Management Database Systems

Other Case Management Tools and Forms