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Congratulations to Jack Holmgren, CLINIC's attorney and Field Support Coordinator in San Francisco, on receiving an award from the East Bay Sanctuary Covenant, Berkeley, California.  The East Bay Sanctuary Covenant is celebrating its 30th year providing assistance to refugees, asylees and other immigrants from all over the world providing a broad range of administratively-based immigration legal services through 15 staff and volunteers.    

The award was presented to Jack by Diana Otero, BIA partially-accredited representative at Catholic Charities/Catholic Youth Organization, Archdiocese of San Francisco.  Diana spoke of her story as a Columbian fleeing violence in that country and how she decided to help other immigrants.  Jack assisted Diana in applying for accreditation to the BIA.   

The award says, "For your inspiring leadership at the Catholic Legal Immigration Network.  We acknowledge your spirited service to East Bay Sanctuary Covenant and hundreds of other non-profits who work to protect and advocate for underserved communities.  We applaud your tremendous success in empowering community-based organization with the tools they need to provide vital legal services and improve the lives of immigrants in the United States.”  

CLINIC thanks East Bay Sanctuary Covenant for recognizing Jack's unique and significant work in building capacity for charitable immigration legal programs.