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BIA tries to restrict Supreme Court holding of Pereira

In late August, the Board of Immigration Appeals issued a precedential decision, Matter of Bermudez-Cota, which interprets the scope of the recent Supreme Court decision in Pereira v. Sessions. Bermudez-Cota limits the application of Pereira’s holding to the stop-time rule in cancellation of removal cases. Bermudez-Cota’s narrow interpretation of Pereira is certain to lead to further federal litigation.

My culture keeps me grounded

Sep 17, 2018
Kevin Nah

My family’s story is similar to those of most immigrants because it involves leaving a place you called home in the hope that you may find opportunities to a better future. No matter how hard it was, holding on to our culture made everything feel a little better.

The 2020 Push for Naturalization: Ideas to encourage long-time residents to apply for citizenship

The 2020 presidential election will be here before we know it, bringing along with it a natural rise in applications and possible processing delays. Here are a few ideas from CLINIC and our partners with the New Americans Campaign to help you increase enthusiasm around naturalization and help Lawful Permanent Residents apply.