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This Citizenship Day — Sept. 17 — we look forward to celebrating the efforts and gifts of immigrants who have become U.S. citizens, while encouraging eligible lawful permanent residents to apply

By helping immigrants become naturalized citizens, you reunite families, empower people to participate in a democratic process, promote strong communities, and so much more. You are truly a network of hope. While we reflect on the profound meaning of this day, we thank you for the countless hours you have spent serving immigrants.

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Featured Resource

CLINIC’s Center for Immigrant Integration has added to last year’s book list on books to read with children. These books touch on the importance of diversity and the journeys families make to become U.S. citizens. This year, we included several book recommendations for the adult reader and a short Netflix documentary!

The 2020 Census is rapidly approaching and robust participation in your community will have significant impact on your community’s congressional representation and amount of federal funding received. These are also examples of flyers you can distribute to explain the importance of the Census and how providing information is safe for participants.   

Becoming an U.S. citizen comes with as many responsibilities as it does privileges. Let’s say a prayer honoring the journeys of the brave men and women who left everything they knew behind to forge a new life in the United States.

In order to have a successful naturalization workshop your organization needs to do substantial outreach to attract clients and volunteers. This resource provides ideas and tips to help your organization maximize its outreach efforts and assure strong attendance at your workshop.

Conducting a successful naturalization workshop is a challenging undertaking that takes considerable coordination and effort.  This resource provides helpful tips to help plan the logistics of your workshop and make sure it is as effective and efficient as possible.

CLINIC’s text4refugees project is an innovative effort to reach more refugees and asylees in a unique way – through their cell phones.


Ways to Celebrate
My culture keeps me grounded

My family’s story is similar to those of most immigrants because it involves leaving a place you called home in the hope that you may find opportunities to a better future. No matter how hard it was, holding on to our culture made everything feel a little better.

Citizenship Project: Working with immigrants to realize the dream of citizenship

As one of the few organizations that focuses solely on naturalization work, Citizenship Project of Las Vegas, Nevada, is helping immigrants reach a pivotal milestone in their integration journey.

Delayed Appreciation: My Naturalization Story

CLINIC Advocacy Attorney Christy Williams became a citizen five years ago. While she is proud of her experience, she remembers not seeing its true value until working with immigrants who had more challenging citizenship journeys.

Citizenship: A Step on the Pathway to Integration

As Citizenship Week comes to a close, it is worthwhile to remember that naturalization is but one step on the pathway to the larger goal of immigrant integration.  Immigrant integration is the creation of something new in the places where we live – a more inclusive community that reflects the needs and wants of all its residents. Immigrant integration takes deliberate and on-going work by both the receiving community and the newcomers, and it requires a community to grow and change as it stretches to allow everyone a chance to access services, make an impact, and participate actively.

Citizenship Day: Honoring Newcomers and Immigrant Champions

On Constitution and Citizenship Day, we honor, not only the newcomers who have and will naturalize, but also the champions who guide them through complex immigration processes and embark on innovative ways to overcome obstacles to immigrant integration.


Social Media: Graphics for Citizenship Day

CLINIC wants to help you celebrate! Download the following graphics you can use on social media. Participate in our "Swear It and Share It!" campaign by encouraging people to tell their story and use use the hashtag #swearitshareit.

Post this image on Citizenship Day (September 17) morning. Announce any actitivites you are hosting that day. Follow up with pictures.

Pause in your busy day and remember why you are proud to be an American.

text4refugees Image

Post this image during citizenship week to let people know about our text4refugees program.

Wish you could vote in a U.S. election? Start the process of becoming a U.S. citizen today!

Welcome Home Graphic

Post this image throughout the week. Ask your followers to share it and tag their friends that are newly naturalized citizens, welcoming them to their new home.