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This category includes CLINIC produced web-based seminars on a range of immigration topics.

CIR Planning & Preparation: Budgeting and Resource Development

Early planning and preparation for CIR implementation includes budgeting and resource development.  This webinar introduces resources to help CLINIC affiliates in these processes.  Included in the webinar is a newly-released CIR Preparation Checklist for program directors to guide their planning, webinar slides on budgeting decisions and several resource development tools including a proposal template, budget narrative and work plan to seek external funding.

BIA Recognition and Accreditation for Start-up and Expanding Programs

Join us for CLINIC’s kick-off webinar for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) preparation in 2013, the first in a series. This free webinar training covers the application process and requirements for Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) recognition and accreditation. We also discuss the latest BIA developments, including the new FAQ sheet released by the BIA, training requirements for staff, and issues the BIA is analyzing before submitting proposed changes to recognition and accreditation regulations.

CLINIC Quarterly Webinar

CLINIC's third quarterly review of legal updates and news of CLINIC's initiatives discusses 1) updated legal information regarding USCIS implementation of DACA, 2) advocacy efforts on DACA and other initiatives, 3) program management tips on meeting the increased demand for services, 4) recent BIA cases concerning fiances, 5) the DHS memo on TRIG and adjustment of status for asylees and refugees, and 6) the sunsetting of non-minister special immigration worker provisions.

Held on September 21, 2012.