This webinar addresses how States have dealt with immigration-related issues in the past and the anticipated trend for the 2016 legislative sessions. 

This webinar focused on all of the details of planning and hosting a community education and/or screening event including considerations such as confidentiality, volunteer recruitment and training, limited scope agreements, referrals, etc. It was held on December 17, 2015. Slides are available for download below.

This webinar included a mock community education and screening presentation and suggestions for how to answer questions from the community. It was held on December 10, 2015. Slides are available for download below.

After the 5th Circuit decision on Nov 9th, many communities are unsure about the future implementation of DAPA and expanded DACA.  What can we do to help members of our community while we wait?  As we learned from DACA, many people who came forward to apply for deferred action were actually eligible for other (more permanent) remedies.  Why wait to find that out?  Why not address this now through community education forums addressing common immigration remedies?  


Have clients ever asked you about employment-based options and you wished you knew more about this specialized area of immigration law? Have you ever wondered what exactly PERM is or how the H-1B cap works? Have you wanted to be able to advise an international student about transitioning into the U.S. workforce after graduation? This webinar will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the different ways that non-citizens can obtain temporary status or permanent residence through their employment.

This webinar, held on 5/28/15, provides an overview of citizenship for children through acquisition, derivation, and naturalization. The presenters are Kristina Karpinski and Charles Wheeler.