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This category includes CLINIC produced web-based seminars on a range of immigration topics.

Webinar Four: Following Up and Following Through

Recorded on February 13, 2019

Ben Brokaw, Project CoordinatorCLINIC
Justin Estrep, Program Director, Catholic Charities of Central Texas (Austin)


The final webinar in the series discusses the proper way to follow up and follow through on your proposal to partner with your city government. It also discusses how to maintain relationships with city officials and ideas on growing your impact


Webinar Three: Getting the Job Done

Recorded on February 06, 2019

Leya Speasmaker, Field Support Coordinator and Integration Program ManagerCLINIC
Janice Beers, Immigration Services Coordinator, Catholic Muliticultural Center


This webinar covered how to prepare for making the ‘ask’; how to connect your messages through various meetings with stakeholders; and techniques for staying on topic and negotiating with stakeholders.


Webinar Two: Relationship Building

Recorded on January 30, 2019

Ben Brokaw, Project CoordinatorCLINIC
Vanna Slaughter, Office of Welcoming Communities and Immigrant Affairs


This webinar offered strategies for getting to know your government officials, how to become a trusted source, learning when it is the right time to make your ‘ask’, and tips for preparing your talking points.


Recorded Webinar: Organizing a Mega Group Application Workshop for Naturalization

Is your program interested in conducting a “mega” group application workshop for naturalization?

This webinar provides an overview on the unique differences of planning and implementing a large, “mega” group application workshop for over 150 applicants.

You will learn how to plan and organize this type of event, the resources and tools you need and the considerations you make when planning for this type of workshop.

Download the Slides

Recorded Webinar: Applying for First-Time DOJ Recognition and Accreditation Under the New Rule - February 2018

The Department of Justice (DOJ), Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) issued new regulations for recognition and accreditation (R&A) that took effect on January 18, 2017. The new regulations made substantial changes to the requirements for R&A for the first time in decades.

Recorded Webinar: Contingency Planning for Maryland Families Affected by Immigration Enforcement

Learn about what makes Maryland  unique when it comes to contingency planning. Those participating in this webinar will learn how to properly advise resident Maryland families who are facing potential family separation and what measures they should take to care for their children. It considers custody, guardianship, powers of attorney and kinship care affidavits. Ethical issues will also are discussed. Featured speakers are Maryland attorneys Van Doan, Jon Greene, and Michael Stelmack.

Recorded Webinar: Community ID Cards A Powerful Integration Tool for all Community Members

Community-based organizations have great power and potential to enact community change at the local level. Join us as we learn from CLINIC affiliates FaithAction International House, Catholic Charities SW Ohio and La Casa de Amistad who have achieved great success in creating Community ID cards, available to anyone in their community.