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The Citizenship Test

Newly updated in 2015, CLINIC’s study guide for the U.S. citizenship test explains the naturalization testing requirements and contains 13 study units on U.S. history and civics with many colorful and historic photos and illustrations, as well as maps, diagrams, and timelines. It includes a glossary of vocabulary words and test review questions for each unit. There are also discussion questions for each unit, and additional, optional study questions to amplify the content. It is designed for both classroom use and for self-study.


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Additional Resources:

CLINIC collects translations of the 100 civics (history and government) questions for the naturalization test here.

CLINIC offers a rapid e-learning course to help train immigration legal staff and volunteers on completing the application for naturalization here.

If you are a service provider looking to establish a citizenship test preparation program, visit our Center for Immigrant Integration site or our Citizenship Toolkit for help and more resources.

Promotional Resources

CLINIC provides materials for you to use to share this guide with clients, colleagues, or friends.


These postcards can be printed on Avery templates 5889, 8386, and 8389. Click here to download a grayscale version of the postcard. Click here to download a color version of the postcard.


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Establishing a Strong Case Management System: Part I

Held 4/29/14

A strong case management system is key to a healthy immigration legal program and helps ensure consistency, uniformity, and a high quality of work. It balances the interests of the client in getting the best and speediest representation with those of the agency in providing services efficiently. Join us for Part I of a two-part webinar training on case management. During this webinar we will begin a discussion of the essential elements of a good case management system, including: policy and procedures manuals, intake procedures and forms, case selection criteria and procedures, scope of representation, retainer agreements and a tickler system that ensures the agency doesn't miss client deadlines.  The presenters are Director of CLINIC's Capacity Building Section Jeff Chenoweth, and CLINIC Attorney and Field Support Coordinator Martin Gauto.

Download the Powerpoints for "Establishing a Strong Case Management System: Part I"

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Webinar: Top Ten Issues in Program Management

Join CLINIC for a conversation about the top most common program management issues and how program managers resolve them. Topics will range from the equipment and tools needed for an immigration legal service program to tracking cases data and deadlines to setting a budget for staff professional development. Capacity Building director Jeff Chenoweth and Field Support Coordinator Leya Speasmaker will be presenting.

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Partnership Toolkit

Partnerships are a valuable tool for any organization looking to expand or strengthen services in the community. In a well-functioning partnership, all members contribute ideas to the group, coordinate dates and events so that all can participate, and mutually benefit from the partnership. There are several ways to establish a partnership and many tools to use that can help organize and manage the operations.  This toolkit includes sample materials for managing a partnership, guidelines for working within a partnership, and tips on what to look for in a potential partner.


Please contact Leya Speasmaker at if you have any questions or comments about this toolkit.


Download this Toolkit!



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Asylee Eligibility for Resettlement Assistance Guide

This guide is designed to give service providers the tools and information needed to address the barriers to resettlement and integration faced by asylees and to better assist their clients.  It contains crucial and timely information about the benefits and services for which asylees are eligible, including job placement assistance, English language classes, health screening, temporary cash and medical assistance, social security cards, employment authorization cards, adjustment of status, I-94s, travel authorization, petitioning for immediate relatives, and federal student financial aid.


To download the full guide - CLICK HERE

Webinar: CLINIC's National Naturalization Radio Campaign

CLINIC is launching its first, national naturalization radio campaign in Spanish.  It will be aired in up to 250 Spanish radio outlets. The public service announcement (PSA) will be released four times across a Spanish radio network.  As such, CLINIC offers this brief webinar to help affiliates (members and subscribers) prepare a response to an increase in naturalization inquiries caused by the campaign aired in your community.

CLINIC is experimenting with this large-scale PSA format to: 1) increase interest in naturalization among the LPR community; 2) increase the visibility of CLINIC’s national network of affiliates; and 3) serve as a test-case for future PSAs addressing comprehensive immigration reform if a bill passes into law. 


Click here to access and listen to the audio file of the radio PSA 

(To download a copy of this PSA, right click the link above and select "Save Link As")



Held on 11/4/13


Jeff Chenoweth (Capacity Building Section Director)

Rommel Calderwood (Project Coordinator)

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Harnessing the Power of Partnerships

Held April 22 2013

This webinar training covers how to develop and use partnerships effectively and what resources you can use to manage them. Programs already benefitting from strong partnerships talk about their experiences and provide tips on how to seek out and pursue this type of working relationship. We also talk about how best to reduce the impact of notarios and encourage immigrants to seek out authorized immigration legal services.

Copies of the presentation slides can be found by clicking HERE, or downloaded below.

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CIR Planning & Preparation: Budgeting and Resource Development

Early planning and preparation for CIR implementation includes budgeting and resource development.  This webinar introduces resources to help CLINIC affiliates in these processes.  Included in the webinar is a newly-released CIR Preparation Checklist for program directors to guide their planning, webinar slides on budgeting decisions and several resource development tools including a proposal template, budget narrative and work plan to seek external funding.


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Immigrant-Led Organizers in Their Own Voices

The United States is experiencing historically unprecedented levels of immigration. As of March immigrantorganizersvoice2005, there were 37 million foreign-born persons in the United States, making up 12 percent of the population. Approximately 14 million immigrants arrived during the 1990s.2 From the early 1990s to 2000, the number of immigrants increased by 61 percent. Today, immigrants are changing the face of the cities in which they settle. Some have argued that immigration policies, including immigrant integration, are necessary to ensure our nation’s security and domestic harmony.3 While society as a whole should be responsible for addressing the integration needs of immigrant communities, in many cases immigrants themselves have taken the primary initiative to integrate into U.S. society. Many have chosen organizing as a powerful way of doing this.


To download the entire publication, please click here.