How Do I Fix This? Seeking Solutions for Adjudication Problems

August 27, 2014

As an immigration advocate, you know the road to case approval can be long and bumpy: RFEs for documents already submitted or irrelevant, erroneous case denials, long-delayed case adjudications, immigration visa denials based on improper legal standards - the list of problems goes on and on. What remedies exist to address these problems and how can CLINIC help you in the process? When and how should you contact the CIS Ombudsman Office or inquire about a legal issue with the Department of State through Legalnet? To find out more about how you can "fix" case adjudication problems, join CLINIC's Advocacy Director, Allison Posner and Senior Attorney, Kristina Karpinski, and our guest speakers Peggy Gleason, Senior Advisor, DHS, CIS Ombudsman Office, (Invited) and Jennie Guilfoyle, Attorney Advisor, Bureau of Consular Affairs, Department of State (Invited ) for an affiliates-only webinar on August 27.

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