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Representing Clients in Removal Proceedings: An Eight Webinar Series

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Sharpen your court advocacy skills with CLINIC's new webinar series on removal proceedings.

As part of its Defending Vulnerable Populations Project, CLINIC is pleased to announce a new webinar series on removal proceedings to help you successfully advocate for your clients in immigration court. The eight webinars in this series track the entire experience of representing an individual in immigration court. We will cover everything from case analysis at the inception of proceedings to seeking relief from removal, and filing BIA appeals.  The series will also review bond proceedings,  master calendar hearings, motions and other procedural issues,  and ethical issues in immigration court practice. Presenters will include the latest cases, court rules, and other legal developments in each webinar, and will share their practice tips based on years of experience representing individuals in removal proceedings. 


Each webinar in the series is described below.  We invite you either to register for selected webinars, or save 25% if you register for all eight. Those who register for the series will have access to the recordings of any webinars they miss or want to watch again.

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Individual Webinars

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Removal Proceedings Webinar 1: Case Assessment

June 8 | 2-3:30pm Eastern

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You’re about to meet with a potential client, who has a first master calendar hearing in two weeks.  What questions do you need to ask your client to assess options for her defense? What documents do you need to review and how do you get them?  What issues might affect whether you take the case at all?  This webinar on case assessment will review the issues and skills involved at the onset of representation. 
Presenters: Michelle Mendez and Rebecca Scholtz (CLINIC)

Removal Proceedings Webinar 2: All about Bond

June 15 | 2-3:30pm Eastern

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Your new client is detained and wants to be released from custody as soon as possible.  How can you determine if your client is eligible for release on bond or if he is subject to mandatory detention?  If your client is eligible for bond, how do you get a bond hearing scheduled and what evidence do you need to present?  And what if the bond amount set is too high for your client to pay? This webinar will review eligibility for bond, the mechanics of getting a bond hearing scheduled, and requesting bond reduction, bond appeals and return of bond at the conclusion of the case.

Presenters: Bradley Jenkins and Michelle Mendez (CLINIC)


Removal Proceedings Webinar 3: Burdens of Proof; Contesting Charges

June 22 | 2-3:30pm Eastern

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You’ve met with your new client, who has a conviction for theft.  You don’t think it’s a crime involving moral turpitude, but the Notice to Appear (NTA) claims that it is.  Who has to show it is or it isn’t?  When does the government have the burden of proof and when does it rest on the person in proceedings?  And what steps do you need to take if you want to contest the charges in the NTA?  This webinar will review who has the burden of proof in different removal proceeding contexts, and how and when to contest the charges in the NTA.

Presenters: Michelle Mendez and Rebecca Scholtz (CLINIC)

Removal Proceedings Webinar 4: Procedural Issues

June 29 | 2-3:30pm Eastern

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What can you do if your client’s hearing is scheduled in Miami, but you and your client are both in Baltimore?  Or you want the judge to allow your expert witness to testify telephonically?  Or administratively close the case while your client’s U nonimmigrant status petition is being adjudicated?   While a case is pending, many issues may arise that you need to address through submissions to the court.   This webinar will address the most common procedural issues that may arise in removal proceedings, and the options you have to address them. 

Presenters: Bradley Jenkins and Michelle Mendez (CLINIC); Eliza Klein (Former Immigration Judge)


Removal Proceedings Webinar 5: Cancellation of Removal

July 6 | 2-3:30pm Eastern

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Who is eligible for cancellation of removal?  A Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) convicted of a crime?  An undocumented spouse abused by his or her U.S. Citizen (USC) or LPR spouse?  A parent of a USC child who has been living in the United States for 15 years?  If you said all of them may be eligible, you are on the right track. Cancellation of removal is an immigration court remedy that applies to different categories of people and, if approved, leads to a grant of LPR status or retention of LPR status. This webinar will review eligibility for different categories of cancellation of removal, including cancellation for lawful permanent residents, for certain abused spouses and children, and for certain noncitizens who have resided in the U.S. for over ten years. 

Presenters:  Reena Arya and Michelle Mendez (CLINIC)



Removal Proceedings Webinar 6: Asylum and Related Relief

July 13 | 2-3:30pm Eastern

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Your new client was released from a detention center in Dilley, Texas in December 2016 and now has a master calendar hearing set for October 2017.   You know your client is afraid to return to Guatemala, but how do you come up with a theory of her case?  What do you need to do as you prepare her application and decide on supporting documents?  And if there are factors that may bar her from qualifying for asylum, are there related remedies that may provide her with protection from removal?  This webinar will review eligibility for asylum and related relief, completing an application with supporting documents, and special issues in preparing your client to testify in court.

Presenters:  Reena Arya and Bradley Jenkins (CLINIC)



Removal Proceedings Webinar 7: Overview of Other Remedies

July 20 | 2-3:30pm Eastern

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You’ve met with your client and established that he does not qualify for cancellation of removal or asylum or related relief.  Now what?  Are there other remedies to consider?  Could your client be eligible to adjust status?  Apply for an INA § 237(a)(1)(H) waiver?   Leave the United States with a grant of voluntary departure?  Seek termination of proceedings or administrative closure? This webinar will review other forms of relief from removal that may be available to your client.

Presenters: Reena Arya and Michelle Mendez (CLINIC)



Removal Proceedings Webinar 8: EOIR Practice Rules, Ethical Issues in Immigration Court Practice and BIA Appeal Basics

July 27 | 2-3:30pm Eastern

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Your client’s application is ready to go, but how should you organize the submission?  What do you do if you need to withdraw from the case?  And what steps do you need to take if you find out that the information your client gave you about a critical issue in his case is not correct?  This webinar will review the Immigration Court Practice Rules, as well as the federal regulations relating to the conduct of legal advocates in immigration court.  This webinar will also discuss what options are available if the Immigration Judge denies your client's application for relief, and how to prepare an appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA).

Presenters:  Rebecca Scholtz (CLINIC) and Eliza Klein (Former Immigration Judge)

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