Simply Grateful

Jun 18, 2013
Limeteze Pierre-Gilles

"Good morning, CLINIC staff!” This is how my day usually begins as I pass by the offices of my busy colleagues, one after the other, before I get to mine and settle-in behind the desk to start the day’s work as an intern with The Center for Religious Immigration and Protection at the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc.  It has been a privilege to assist with the process of bringing foreign-born religious workers into the United States to serve the Catholic Church. I am grateful for all religious workers who left their country to minister to God’s people and preach the Good News of the Gospel. I am also grateful for the way in which those religious men and women, whom I will probably never meet, have enriched my vocation as a Temporary Professed member of the School Sisters of Notre Dame. Preparing their applications has given me more opportunities to reflect on my own religious vocation.

I have always wanted to help immigrants and, through my internship with CLINIC, I was able to do just that while also assisting religious communities like my own.  At CLINIC, I assisted staff attorneys with applications for change of status or extension of status in the United States, applications for nonimmigrant visas at U.S. Consulates abroad, and applications for legal permanent residence. Thanks to the staff attorneys in the section, what I have learned these past months will be of great value as I pursue my studies and seek to live out the principles of my Catholic faith.

Now, as my internship comes to an end and I say “‘Good bye, CLINIC staff!” one more time, I pray for international religious workers in the United States and ask God’s blessings on every  CLINIC employee and affiliate, all of whom have impressed me with their devotion to needy immigrants, dedicated work ethic and mentorship.