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CLINIC’s National Pro Bono Project for Children seeks pro bono attorneys for the cases below.  For more information or to represent a child, please contact Silvana Arista at sarista@cliniclegal.org or 202-635-5811.  Click here for Alameda County case summaries.

*The Project provides one-on-one technical assistance and mentoring to pro bono attorneys providing representation.*

Project Case # 10-616-378

Deadlines:  Master calendar on 10/12/11 at 8:30am

Potential Relief: Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (1 parent)

Language:  Spanish               

Location: Elk Grove                                                         

The child is a 15 year old native of El Salvador.  She entered the US in 8/09.  She fled El Salvador because her caretaker was abusive towards her.  She would hit the child with a belt once every two weeks.  The child was abandoned by her biological father. 


Project Case # 10-920-590

Child’s Location: Rancho Cordova

Child’s Language:  Spanish

Deadlines:  Master calendar on 11/17/11 at 8:30am

Potential Relief: motion to suppress/terminate removal proceedings, considering the circumstances surrounding arrest

The minor is a 16 year old native of Mexico.  He entered the US in 2001.  He entered the US with his parents; they came in search of a better life.  The minor lives with his parents and is in the 11th grade.  He only has his elderly grandparents left in Mexico.  The minor was stopped by a police officer during a traffic stop.  The minor explains there was no reason for the stop.  The minor and the other passengers of the car were aggressively questioned about where they were from and where were they born.  The minor was handcuffed and arrested after disclosing he was not born in the US.  Based on the way the minor was apprehended by immigration, he may have been improperly questioned and unlawfully taken into immigration custody.  An attorney may be able to file a motion to suppress evidence on his behalf and request termination of proceedings.


Project Case # 10-625-921

Deadlines:  Master calendar on 10/4/11 at 1:00pm; Age-out (18): 10/24/11

Potential Relief:  Asylum (to explore); Special Immigrant Juvenile Status petition (to explore); Voluntary Departure

Language:  Spanish               

Location: Salinas

The minor is a 17 year old native of Mexico.  She entered the US in 1994.  She entered the US when she was a baby.  Her mother left Mexico with her because she was physically abused by the minor’s father.  The minor is afraid to return to Mexico because she has never really lived there and doesn’t know anyone.  Also, she does not want to confront her father.