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CLINIC’s National Pro Bono Project for Children seeks pro bono attorneys for the cases below.  For more information or to represent a child, please contact Silvana Arista at sarista@cliniclegal.org or 202-635-5811.

*The Project provides one-on-one technical assistance and mentoring to pro bono attorneys providing representation.*


Project Case  #10-1216-814

Deadlines:  Master calendar on 3/12/12 at 1:30pm  

Potential Relief: Asylum (to explore); Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (1 parent)

Language:  Spanish               

Location: Scranton

The child is a 10 year old native of Honduras.  She entered the US in 9/10.  The child’s father was murdered in Honduras.  He was murdered in retaliation for his prior bad acts.  The family is concerned that the child will be harmed as a form of further revenge for the father’s acts.  Also, when the father was alive, he was abusive to the mother; the mother left the child in Honduras at the age of 2 because of his abuse.