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CLINIC’s National Pro Bono Project for Children seeks pro bono attorneys for the cases below.  For more information or to represent a child, please contact Silvana Arista at sarista@cliniclegal.org or 202-635-5811.

*The Project provides one-on-one technical assistance and mentoring to pro bono attorneys providing representation.*

Project Case 1105-144177

Deadlines: Master Calendar 11/15/2011 at 9:30am

Potential Relief: Asylum

Language: Spanish                              

Location: Ft. Lauderdale 

The minor is a 16 year old native of El Salvador.  He entered the US in 4/11.  The minor fled to the US because he is afraid of being killed or harmed by the "marasalvatrucha" gang.  The minor has been pressured to join and has been threatened several times.  The minor's friend, who was also pressured to join the gang, has disappeared; the minor believes he may have been killed by the gang.  The minor fears for his life if he has to return to El Salvador.