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CLINIC’s National Pro Bono Project for Children seeks pro bono attorneys for the cases below.  For more information or to represent a child, please contact Silvana Arista at sarista@cliniclegal.org or 202-635-5811.

 *The Project provides one-on-one technical assistance and mentoring to pro bono attorneys providing representation.*


Project Case # 11-503-725

Child’s Location: Raleigh

Deadlines:   Third master calendar hearing on 10/25/2011at 8:30a.m. before IJ Holmes Simmons

Potential Relief:  Asylum

Child is a 17 year old boy from El Salvador.  He fled to the U.S. because gang members were threatening him and his family. His friend was attacked by a gang member when he didn’t give him money.  His family was forced to move to a different city because the gang threatened to kill them if they did not abandon their home.  Child fled to the U.S. because he feared for his safety.