Arizona’s “Show Me Your Papers” Law Goes into Effect | CLINIC

Arizona’s “Show Me Your Papers” Law Goes into Effect

On September 18, federal district court Judge Susan Bolton removed the block that she had previously placed on Arizona SB 1070’s Section 2(B) (“show me your papers”). In early September, Judge Bolton rejected the latest round of legal challenges to Section 2(B), which had been made by a coalition of plaintiffs on preemption, Equal Protection, and Fourth Amendment grounds. Section 2(B) of SB 1070 is now in effect, and Arizona police officers may now try to enforce it. A few days ago, the coalition that challenged Section 2(B) appealed Judge Bolton’s latest ruling to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which is still considering the matter. Regardless of what happens with this appeal (which some analysts feel is a long-shot), additional future litigation over Section 2(B) is likely. While the U.S. Supreme Court held in June that Section 2(B) could be blocked at that time, that Court did leave the door open to future legal challenges and insisted that Arizona enforce the provision in a way that does not violate civil rights.