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2014 Annual Report

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Dear Friends:

It is our honor to present to you the annual report for 2014. Because of friends like you, the CLINIC network addressed unprecedented challenges with unparalleled compassion in 2014. In a spirit of solidarity, our network of community based legal immigration programs and immigrant advocates rose to the occasion—ensuring that vulnerable newcomers are treated with dignity and have access to justice, as is reflected in so many of the documents in the Church’s social teaching.

You stood with us as we joined the US bishops in prayer at the United States– Mexico border in Nogales, Arizona. You rallied your communities and wrote letters to the refugee families detained in Artesia, New Mexico and Berks County, Pennsylvania. You offered your expertise and opened your hearts to unaccompanied migrant children seeking asylum and family reunification in the United States.

In 2014, like never before, advocates from all walks of life were on the front lines, responding to historic moments in immigration policy with solutions that promoted the common good. The migration trends and policy reforms of the past year were more than matters of politics. To CLINIC and its network, protecting migrants was, and will continue to be, an issue of human dignity.

We are immensely grateful to all of the people whose support enables us to carry out this work—our dedicated staff, tireless affiliates, and all of our friends and supporters. This report illustrates CLINIC’s impact and the contributions of these people throughout the year. May the pages that follow leave you empowered to continue to serve our brothers and sisters in need. Those who were able to attend this year’s annual CLINIC Convening in Salt Lake City experienced this personally.

Thank you for your friendship and may we, together, continue the good work we have begun to promote the values of our nation and our faith. The life and mission of CLINIC—which is all of you—is certainly (and has been for many years) reaching out to those on the margins so that they may know that not only is there a community of people who care for them, but also that “God is here” – “¡Dios está aquí con nosotros!”

May the Lord bless you. Thank you for all that you do and are!

Gratefully yours in the Lord,


Jeanne M. Atkinson

Executive Director


Most Reverend Kevin Vann

Bishop of Orange Chairman


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