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2012 Annual Report

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Dear Friends:

At CLINIC, we believe that immigrants deserve access to quality, affordable legal services. We know that if we don’t get it right, the consequences can be high -- exploitation, family separation, deportation. We fight such affronts to human dignity by supporting a network of community agencies, educating them on the law and any changes that may come, and offering direct representation for certain populations.

CLINIC rose to the many challenges presented in 2012 to support vulnerable immigrants and help religious workers navigate the complex immigration system.  Through the support of our staff, network, faith communities, and donors, CLINIC evolved to take on new training topics including on the provisional unlawful presence waiver and employed pioneering multi-media strategies to promote naturalization in our Cambia Tu Vida campaign. CLINIC provided assistance to an unprecedented number of community agencies, training them on changes in the law and connecting them with resources to improve their immigration programs, as well as the immigration system at large.

Through our training and support, CLINIC’s growing network of charitable legal service providers nationwide was poised to meet the demands presented by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Together, hundreds of thousands of immigrants received quality legal immigration services that helped undocumented young people contribute to society, kept families together, and promoted full participation in this nation.

We are the nation’s largest network of charitable immigration service providers and greet this responsibility with hope and vitality because of friends like you.  As our network of over 200 member agencies is well aware, caring for our immigrant neighbors is not only the foundation of our country, but it also central to our Catholic faith.

On behalf of CLINIC’s staff and board of directors, we  thank you for the strength you lend our network, ask your continued prayers for the newcomers we serve, and ask you to continue to support CLINIC as we prepare for the impact comprehensive immigration reform will have in our communities.


With Christ’s Love,

Jeanne M. Atkinson

Executive Director


Most Reverend Richard J. Garcia

Bishop of Monterey

Board Chairman

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