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2007 Annual Report: Opening Doors

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Message from the Executive Director and Board Chairman

Pope Benedict XVI’s remarks inspired the theme of CLINIC’s 2007 annual report, Opening Doors. In an increasingly anti-immigrant climate, the Holy Father’s words remind us of the importance of the Catholic Church’s work with immigrants and the fundamental principles that guide that work.

The Church’s teaching that immigrants are our “brothers and sisters” created in God’s image has never been more important. During 2007, Congress failed to enact much-needed comprehensive immigration reform. In response, states introduced an unsurpassed number of anti-immigrant measures and the federal government stepped up its enforcement efforts. The result has been fear, divisiveness, and further marginalization of a population that has played an historic and essential role in our nation’s development.

The Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (CLINIC) exemplifies the Church's commitment to immigrants through its support of more than 173 charitable immigration programs that serve more than 600,000 people per year. Our nation needs to continue to open doors to immigrants. CLINIC is focused on enhancing the quality of charitable immigration programs, expanding its services to foreign-born religious workers, and continuing to advocate for policies that embrace our brothers and sisters - those who in the Holy Father's words "America has made her own."


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