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2002 Annual Report: Making a Dream a Reality

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THE NEED: The strength of the United States depends in part on its inclusiveness and the integration of its immigrant families. Newcomers need legal, social and educational assistance to guide them through the complex process of obtaining citizenship.

CLINIC’S RESPONSE: CLINIC administers the nation’s largest program of legal and educational services for citizenship applicants, currently operating in 17 cities with large immigrant populations. It advocates nationally for fair, high-quality and affordable immigration services for all newcomers.

In the past five years, CLINIC and its network of member agencies have guided tens of thousands of immigrants and refugees on the journey towards citizenship.

CLINIC and its member agencies focus their citizenship outreach and legal service efforts on the most vulnerable and disenfranchised immigrant populations.More than 40,000 elderly, low-income, low-literate, disabled and persecuted newcomers have achieved citizenship through CLINIC’s projects. As a result, these new citizens are experiencing newfound freedom, economic security and a political voice.

In 2002, CLINIC citizenship projects produced more than 4,000 consultations, 1,884 citizenship applications, 3,800 permanent resident (green card) applications, and more than 7,500 hours of English language and citizenship-test preparation.

CLINIC also promotes citizenship through:

  • advanced naturalization training to nonprofit immigration counselors;
  • national advocacy with government immigration authorities;
  • public education through local media outlets; and publications, including Citizenship for Us: A Handbook on Naturalization & Citizenship which was distributed to more than 1,000 agencies in 2002.

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