TPS Extended for Nicaraguans and Hondurans

On November 4, 2011, the DHS extended TPS for nationals of Honduras and Nicaragua.  Nationals from those two countries who have previously registered for TPS are now eligible to re-register for an 18-month extension of their TPS status and employment authorization document (EAD).   TPS was scheduled to expire for these persons on January 6, 2012, but the USCIS recently extended TPS eligibility until July 5, 2013.  TPS beneficiaries from those two countries who pursue re-registration will also have their EADs automatically extended for six months, or until July 5, 2012.

The 60-day re-registration period began November 5, 2011 and will run through January 5, 2012.  To re-register, submit the following documents: Form I-821 (without filing fee); Form I-765 (with $340 filing fee if seeking an EAD or extension unless seeking fee waiver); and biometrics fee of $80 for applicants age 14 and older (unless seeking fee waiver).  Applicants filing for a fee waiver should complete and file Form I-912, Request for Fee Waiver, and submit it together with supporting documentation.

Honduran TPS re-registrants should send their applications to  USCIS, Attn: TPS Honduras, P.O. Box 6943, Chicago, IL 60680-6943.  Nicaraguan TPS re-registrants should send their applications to USCIS, Attn: TPS Nicaragua, P.O. Box 6943, Chicago, IL 60680-6943. If the re-registrant does not need to submit supporting documentation, he or she may file the application electronically by following the instructions on the USCIS website.