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Change to Process of Filing Citizenship and Naturalization Forms

In order to centralize and streamline receipting of citizenship and naturalization forms, USCIS has made changes to the filing locations of certain forms. 

On Oct. 30, 2011, USCIS began accepting Forms N-336, N-600 and N-600K at its Phoenix Lockbox facility and Form N-300 at its Dallas Lockbox facility.  Until Dec. 2, 2011, applications filed at field offices were forwarded to the appropriate lockbox.  After December 2, all applications erroneously filed at field offices will be returned to applicants to re-file with the proper lockbox.

Lockbox filing is a central and secure way to deposit fees and do a preliminary review of applications for required data, correct fee, and applicants’ signatures.  Other filing tips from USCIS include:

  • Send a separate fee for each application being filed.
  • Make sure to use the proper version of the form, noted on the bottom right-hand corner. (For the N-600 and N-336, the current version is dated 10/30/11. No prior versions are accepted.  For the NN-600K, the current version is 8/1/11, and no prior versions are accepted.)
  • Make sure to complete required fields fully. 
  • Remember that a form G-1145 can be filed alongside your application to provide USCIS with an email address or phone number to get instant notification of form acceptance.  This is a free service.
  • To request that the filing fee be waived, file Form I-912 along with the underlying application.
  • To request that an application be expedited, contact your local field office – not the lockbox.  That office will handle the expedite request.