Immigration - A 50-State Issue: A Focus on State and Local Immigration Initiatives

CLINIC and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops are hosting a conference on state and local immigration issues!  The conference will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah from January 11 through13, 2012.  We will discuss methods for opposing enforcement initiatives and supporting comprehensive immigration reform. Workshops will include:

  • strategies for communications and messaging;
  • coalition building; and
  • parish organizing and education

On topics such as:

  • comprehensive anti-immigrant legislation;
  • state cooperation with E-Verify;
  • education, health care and public benefits; and
  • the impact of these immigration measures on the Church’s mission. 

Confirmed speakers include John Sandweg, Counsel to DHS Secretary Napolitano.  Registration costs of $250/single room or $150/double room include hotel accommodations, all meals, conference materials, a reception on January 11 and another evening event on January 12.