E-learning Course: Comprehensive Overview of Immigration Law: A Course for New Practitioners

Information About Free Registration


Through a generous grant from the Ford Foundation, CLINIC has received funding to make this training available without fee to individuals who work for qualifying nonprofit agencies. This e-course is designed to provide the necessary training background to support an application for Departnment of Justice (DOJ) accredited representative status.   For this reason, priority will be given to those individuals who:

  1. Have a concrete plan to apply for accredited representative status after course completion; and
  2. Work or volunteer for an organization that is either already a DOJ recognized agency or is otherwise an agency with nonprofit status that plans on seeking BIA recognized agency status after you complete this course.

Please also note that the funding for this training is not available to persons who already have DOJ accreditation nor to any attorney who has already been practicing immigration law for more than six months.   

If you think you qualify for free registration, please use the link below to complete the application form.    You are not accepted into the course unless and until you receive a confirmation from CLINIC that your registration is finalized.

Apply for Free Registration