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CLINIC Amicus Brief on Family as a Particular Social Group

The Board of Immigration Appeals is currently considering the circumstances under which a person may qualify for asylum if they fear persecution on account of their family relationship to another person. CLINIC and Justice for Our Neighbors have offered an amicus brief arguing that family, standing alone, is a ‘particular social group’ as used in asylum law. 

CLINIC also urges advocates to study the Department of Homeland Security’s Supplemental Brief in the same case. DHS, in a case identified by the Board as important, concedes that where persecution is on account of a family relationship, nothing more is required to satisfy the nexus requirement for asylum. DHS also uses surprisingly generous language in their brief regarding cases where persecutors have more than one motivation for harming their victims.

CLINIC Amicus Brief on Family as a Particular Social Group (Matter of L-A-)

Department of Homeland Security Supplemental Brief in Matter of L-A-

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Dianne Kaiyoorawongs

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