Recorded Webinar: Spotlight on the Petitioner

Price: $25.00

Picture this scene: A USC or LPR and his undocumented wife come to see you to discuss filing for the wife's permanent residency status. You've asked the husband for proof of his status, and you've interviewed the wife to find out about her manner of entry and potential inadmissibility issues. Are you done? Not quite. You still need to question the USC or LPR spouse about his history, including possible warrants, prior convictions and for an LPR, other circumstances that might trigger enforcement if they come to light. Also, if the USC petitioner is filing for a fiancée, the spotlight on the petitioner includes the need to inquire about prior petitions as well as criminal convictions.

What circumstances put the petitioner in the spotlight? And how do you determine if the petitioner is at risk of petition denial or being subject to criminal or immigration enforcement?   To answer these questions join CLINIC attorneys Kristina Karpinski and Susan Schreiber for a review of issues including the Adam Walsh Act, required disclosures for fiancé(e) petitioners, IBIS security checks on petitioners, and other matters that may trigger enforcement for LPRs.

Held on July 31, 2012.