Recorded Webinar: How Long Is Too Long: LPRs and Abandonment of Residency

Price: $25.00

We all know that the "permanent" in lawful permanent residency is misleading. LPRs can lose their status in a number of ways, including abandonment of residency.  How long can an LPR be out of the country before abandonment becomes a possibility?  How is abandonment assessed? When should your client file for a reentry permit?  What does a long-absent LPR need to do to return to the United States?  If the LPR manages to return to the U.S. after a prolonged absence abroad, does the issue of abandonment go away?  What if it's not the LPR's fault - the parents took the child abroad and he or she had to go with them?  If you want to know the answers to these and other questions, join CLINIC attorneys Susan Schreiber and Charles Wheeler for a discussion on this topic.Held on June 12, 2012.