Recorded Webinar: Confronting Thorny Ethical Issues

Price: $25.00

 How should advocates handle  a situation that poses an ethical dilemma?  In this webinar, the presenters provide an overview of some of the ethical rules that advocates must follow.  The presenters will discuss situations in which a client seems not to be telling the truth, or wishes to or has already submitted false documents when seeking an immigration benefit.  The panelists will address when conflicts of interest may arise.  For example, what should you do when the beneficiary of a family based petition filed by her spouse tells you in confidence that her spouse is abusing her?  The discussion will include consideration of different ethics rules that might come into play, including duties of confidentiality to the client, conflicts of interest and candor to the tribunal.  The presenters for this webinar are Sarah Bronstein and Debbie Smith, Training and Legal Support Attorneys with CLINIC.Held on April 30, 2012.