Recorded Webinar: Keeping Up with the CSPA

Price: $25.00

Now that the Child Status Protection Act has been part of our immigration law for nine years, you probably know all the basics:  locking in immediate relative status; making adjusted age calculations for second preference beneficiaries and derivatives; and satisfying the one-year filing requirements.   But there are several new twists and updates on the CSPA front that you should be aware of.  For example, are you familiar with: · The three new federal court decisions interpreting the CSPA's effective date, attaching the original priority date to an aged-out derivative beneficiary, and what it means to seek LPR status within a year of visa availability? · The new CIS policy allowing an F-2A beneficiary to retain CSPA protection if the parent naturalizes after the beneficiary turns 21? · Strategies to retain CSPA protection if the priority date retrogresses? · New guidance from CIS about how the CSPA operates when the aging out principal or derivative beneficiary is a surviving relative? If this sounds like something you haven't heard about yet, join CLINIC attorneys Susan Schreiber and Charles Wheeler for a webinar on recent CSPA developments.